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Eliminate surprises, protect yourself. Talk to us before signing a contract to make sure you understand your obligations and rights before it’s too late. We can assist you in negotiating an agreement you want while minimizing your risks. Proper contract drafting and negation helps prevent problems from occurring —win a case without stepping a foot in court.
Hire a competent litigator. Don’t wait; you need to act fast to protect what is left. We can help you make the right business decision to recover as much as possible whether you need to file a suit or defend your rights. We specialize in breach of contract litigation and apply simplistic and innovative interpretation of contract terms in court to win your case.
We specialize in collecting past due assessment, as well as facilitating and defending unit owners’ claims against the association.
You must act in a timely manner. Whether you are the owner, general contractor, or a subcontractor we can help you take the right steps to protect what is yours. We specialize in mechanics lien actions, defective work disputes, and extra work orders.
If you were injured at work, in an accident, hospital or feel as though you did not receive adequate treatment, let us help you. We work diligently to keep persons at fault accountable and help you obtain funds necessary to compensate your pain or loss.
Protect your creation. We specialize in registering trademarks with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, as well as filing or defending opposition proceedings.
Is someone using your trademark or patent? We can help you protect what is yours and license your product, if desired.
Did you receive a Reservation of Rights letter or a Denial of Coverage letter from your insurance company? Insurance contracts are difficult to read and understand; you need expert representation. We specialize in suits directly against insurance companies for failure to defend and pay benefits, as well as defending liability disputes.
Let us help you decide what type of corporation best suits your needs and protects your personal assets. We can help you form a corporation and draft all necessary operating, engagement, and employment agreements.